Saturday, November 12, 2016


There have been a lot of posts on FB about disrespecting the flag, the national anthem, not saying the pledge in school etc. I started thinking about this and the flag, anthem, pledge, etc. are all outward displays of patriotism. I think it is more important to live what they stand for. 
Think about it. Those displays are like icing. They look nice. But what good is pretty icing if the cake underneath is a moldy mess? We have patriotic people in this country and we have hypocrites who may display the outward signs of patriotism, but are clueless about what this country stands for and what the Constitution states, allows and demands of us. 
Being a patriot means standing up against bigotry, racism, hatred, misogyny, sexism or anything else that diminishes someone else’s rights. Flying a flag does not give you the right to call various ethnic groups names, or say they don’t belong here. It doesn’t give you the right to stop them from exercising their rights as citizens. It doesn’t give you the right to intimidate; discriminate against, or jail other people just because you have personal issues regarding your own status in this country. 
It’s time for Americans to start acting like the patriots they claim to be. Quit whining about others expressing their first amendment right to demand the government redress their grievances. Start working to make this a better place to live for everyone. That means working with ALL people to improve everyone’s lot in life and to stand up against the enemies of liberty or progress, whoever and wherever that enemy is. If It’s in your house – it’s time to clean house.

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