Monday, November 10, 2014

The Rant

It's been a while, but the fiasco of election day and all the BS on the news has just been building up an outburst from me and this is it.

36.4% - really?  REALLY?  WTF!

To the 63.6% of pathetic, apathetic voters who could not get off their asses and do their civic duty and VOTE - Go F yourselves.  Really!

To the Hispanics who didn't show up to vote - don't bother marching down my street whining about the lack of immigration reform.  Don't complain if things get worse for you and yours.  Anything that happens is YOUR fault for not voting for people who would fight for you.

To the students/grads drowning in school loan debt - don't whine at me.  You were too busy, so now you can spend the rest of your life paying off high interest loans because YOU didn't vote for people who would fight for you.

To the low wage employees - have fun starving and living in low rent hell holes - because YOU didn't vote for someone who would fight for you.

To those who have benefited from the ACA - if it gets dismantled - look in the mirror and know that YOU have screwed yourself by not voting for someone who would fight for you.

To those of you who care about women's issues, Social Security, and Medicare, national parks, climate change, education, or safe food, water and air - I don't want to hear any complaints about lack of access, funding or care because YOU did not vote for someone who would fight for you and protect these things.

Because YOU did not vote YOU have given up your right to complain.  Because YOU did not vote, YOU got the government you asked for.  YOU abdicated your civic duty.  Those of us who did vote have no use for you.  You are contemptible in our eyes.

Yes, our government is a mess and needs to be fixed, but it will never be fixed without the participation of EVERY single person who can vote.  If you want things to get better, then you need to get informed and participate in the process to improve things.  Sometimes you are lucky and you have a great candidate.  Sometimes you have to compromise and vote for the candidate who isn't quite what you wanted and sometimes you have to hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil of two bad candidates.  But each time you vote, you make the system better.  When you don't vote - we get chaos or worse.


To the Republicans prancing around shouting about mandates, majorities, landslides and sweeps - get real.  51% of 36.4% is 18.6% - that is not a majority, landslide or sweep.  Hell, if the whole 36.4% had been all republican - it still isn't a majority, landslide or sweep.  The Republicans who were elected, won by default.  The opposing team never showed for the game.

The mandate is what it has always been - elected officials need to govern.  They need to get work done.  They need to talk.  They need to compromise.  The need to show up more than 114 days a year.  They need to stop the BS, the lies, the hypocrisy, the sound bites, the talk shows, and the fake news briefings where they denigrate the other party's ideas without proposing any concrete plans of their own.


To those of you who voted for the folks who were elected - I am here and I will be telling you "I told you so" every time those elected officials attempt to dismantle or destroy the things that matter to you.  You can't vote against your own self-interest causing pain and suffering for the rest of us without getting a well deserved smack down.  Hope you enjoy crow.

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