Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So, two calls come in succession

Neither one is anyone I want to talk to.  One number does not come up with a name in caller id.  I did a google search and many people have an issue with this #.  When they try to call it back - they get a 'mailbox full' message.  Someone says the $ used to belong to the DNC.  Sounds Plausible.  The next call shows up as XX for Congress.  

I hate "voting" season.   I'm not a phone person in normal times, I definitely am not one when all the calls coming in are begging for $.  The politicians should get a clue.  The economy is in the tank - we have no $ and what we do have will go to races close to home - not across the country.  Just because I signed your petition or received your newsletter - doesn't mean I can afford to pay for your campaign.

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