Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Views on Trophy Hunting

One trophy hunter in particular.

Walter Palmer,
You make me sick.  There is no justification, reason, or rationalization for what you did.  It was MURDER.  You are a murderer.

You did not go out to be a man in nature.  To hunt a wild animal on it's terms.  To hunt for food or survival.  No you drove up in the middle of the night with a dead animal tied to the hood of your car and waited.  You baited this magnificent animal and then murdered him.  Beheaded and skinned him. Left his body to rot.  You had no care for his life, personality, family, or place in the ecosystem.  It was all about you.  Your lust.  Your greed.

The greed to assuage your bloodlust has resulted in the death of a noble animal, his cubs, your reputation, your business and probably a few if not all of your relationships.  I'd ask you if you think it was worth it, but your kind don't really think.

I don't feel sorry for you in the least.   You will deserve what society and the law brings down on you.  The hate mail, the death threats, the taunts.  Having to hide, losing your business, your savings, your reputation.  You destroyed it and you deserve to suffer for it.

There will be no sympathy for you.

Not from me, that's for sure.